Pocha Playlist: The KDrama Podcast

124. Big Mouth (13-16)

November 24, 2022 Pocha Playlist
Pocha Playlist: The KDrama Podcast
124. Big Mouth (13-16)
Show Notes

Welcome back to the Pocha Playlist.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Plochas! This week we finish the last batch of 4 for Big Mouth (13-16) @ 13:56 and then rank it. 

Next week we will start the new drama Reborn Rich!

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2022 Playlist:
1. Our Beloved Summer
2. Alchemy of Souls
3. Twenty-Five Twenty-One
4. Narco-Saints
5. Money Heist*
6. Our Blues
7. Little Women
8. Business Proposal
9. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
10. Big Mouth
11. Liberation Notes
12. All of Us are Dead
13. Glitch
14. Pachinko
15. Bad & Crazy
16. The Killer's Shopping List
17. 39
18. The Sound of Magic

*Temporary Ranking

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